We manage the process for you

right up until the day of your divorce.

your divorce in three simple steps

How it Works

We have a streamlined process that enables you obtain a divorce without the need for legal representation and as a result save €’000’s in legal fees.

Step 1



  • Complete our secure online application
  • • Print and sign the required court forms
  • • Submit your Divorce Application to the Court by registered post

Step 2



  • Serve Divorce Application on your Spouse by hand or registered post
  • • Spouse signs document consenting to the Divorce Application
  • • You apply for a court date

Step 3

attend court


  • You attend Court on the advised date
  • • The judge will ask you to confirm details in the application
  • • Divorce granted
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Who Can Use Easy Divorce

In order for us to assist you, all that we require is that you satisfy the minimum requirements under Irish Law:


  • Have been separated for at least 2 of the last three years
  • One party must be resident in the state for the previous 12 months
  • Provisions must be made for any dependent members of the family
  • There must be no prospect of reconciliation


  • Have been separated for at least two of the last three years
  • Provisions must be made for any dependent members of the family

Please see our FAQ for the requirements of a Judicial Separation.

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OK, I satisfy the legal requirements.

Anything else I should know before I begin?

  • You need access to a printer
  • You need your original marriage certificate
  • You need to be happy to attend Court without a solicitor
  • Your Spouse will need to:

    • Sign a Terms of Consent
    • Lodge an Affidavit of Means with the Court.
    • Attend Court on the day of the hearing

Don't worry!

we provide everything you and your Spouse will need!

What will
Easy Divorce do?

  • Be here to help whenever you need support
  • Give you detailed easy to follow instructions
  • Provide all documentation required by the courts
  • Ensure you follow the legal process correctly
  • Let you know what to expect in Court
  • Save you €’000’s in legal fees

How long will this take?

On average, a divorce application from start to finish takes four months. But the timeframe can be more or less depending on your specific circumstances.

A lot of factors influence how long your Divorce will take:

  • How quickly you get documentation signed and submitted to Court
  • How quickly your spouse consents and signs the necessary documentation
  • Courts are closed over Easter, Summer and Christmas
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