No Upfront Fee

EasyDivorce believes in providing the best service at the most competitive price. Something that all our clients appreciate is the fact that there is no upfront fee!

Decree of Divorce Judicial Separation Pension Adjustment Order
Fee €650 €650 €150
Court Required Documents
Full Instructions
Email and phone support
Court hearing information
Registered posting
(if required)
Signing of Affidavits

Our payment approach

You only pay an initial deposit on signing your initial court papers – normally this equates to 60% of the overall fee. In the case of a standard divorce, this amounts to only €400.

The outstanding balance of your fee only becomes payable when you apply for your court date. However, don’t worry EasyDivorce are here to answer your queries right up until you actually obtain your divorce!

On top of our fee, there are some small ancillary costs that must be borne by you such as registered posting and the cost of swearing of Affidavits – normally these do not amount to more than €50.

Pension Adjustment Order

Do you require a Pension Adjustment Order?

If you have a Pension, we strongly recommend that you get a Pension Order at the same time as obtaining your divorce. The simplest thing to do is check with your Pension Company and explain your circumstances – they should be able to advise you if you require the order.

What does the order do? It removes your current spouse as a beneficiary of your pension. Basically, if you want to ensure that your current Spouse has no claim to your Pension in the future, you should obtain a Pension Adjustment Order.

It is important to note that the only way to remove your spouse as a beneficiary from your Pension is to obtain a Pension Adjustment Order.

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