Need Legal Advice
We are happy to recommend Gahan Richie & Co. should you require any legal advice relating to property or require a property transfer
Tel:  01-6767277

Can’t Find Your Spouse?
We are happy to recommend Mediator Trace and Serve, Maynooth should you require any assistance in finding your spouse.
Tel: 01-6290084

Marriage Certificate Translation
If you have a foreign marriage certificate you will be required to have it translated into English by an official translator. We are happy to recommend Quid Translation and Interpretation Services, Fitwilliam Square, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-6761389

Alternatives to Divorce
At this stage you have probably already decided that divorce is the correct approach for you. However, should you wish to explore the prospect of reconciliation, below are some useful links:1.

  1. Family Support Agency – Government organization that offers family mediation services.
    Web: | Tel: 01-6414100
  2. AIM Family Service – a voluntary organization that offers counseling, legal advice and family mediation.
    Web: | Tel: 01-6708363
  3. The Legal Aid Board – provides legal advice and is also responsible for the state run Family Mediation Service.
    Web:  | Tel: 066-9471000

Good Information Sources

  1. Citizens Information provides a wealth of information and assistance.
  2. The court service of Ireland website has plenty of information on their website regarding the different documents to be filed. However, you can see an easy explanation of all documents used under our document section. It is a useful resource though and provides sample templates, court addresses, copies of relevant acts etc.
  3. Go to your local library. Divorce is a topic that has been extensively written on and your local library should be able to provide you with many easy to read books on the subject.