I need a Divorce Quick!

Susan was moving to Canada in 5 weeks when she contacted Easy Divorce (February 2012). She was staying with her mom in Tipperary. Married to John with no kids. In a big rush due to her move to Canada. Big issue with completing her divorce quickly was the fact that she would need to attend court twice.

We had her application ready and signed with one 36 hours of speaking to her. Papers were lodged in hand immediately thereafter by Susan. John immediately signed the consent, which enabled Susan attend her first court appointment only one week after her documents were lodged. At that appointment due to the exceptional circumstances, Susan was able to get a full hearing only 10 days later. At this hearing her divorce was granted.

So Susan was granted her divorce only 3 weeks after making contact with Easy Divorce. This was an exceptional case that required a lot of co-operation from John and quick turnaround form Easy Divorce. Fee was only €500.