Still Living Together in the Family Home?

Jane first contacted Easy Divorce in March 2011. She was married to Kevin, they had no kids and had been separated for 5 years. Key issue was that they continued to reside in their jointly held property in Dublin.

We told Jane that the law states you must be living separate lives but that this does no t mean they cant live under the same roof. Her and Kevin remained friends and for financial reasons continued to live under the same roof. Kevin was a mature student and so money was an issue. They were unable to sell the property as it was in significant negative equity.

We documented all this in their divorce application. In addition we advised that it would be useful to assemble documentary proof of the fact hat they were living separate lives – separate bank accounts, tax returns etc.

We were able to apply for Jane’s divorce hearing in May 2011 and she received a date in June 2011. Her and Kevin both attended court. The judge was happy with their position and that the documentation drafted by Easy Divorce accurately reflected the position. The Divorce was granted just over 3 months after first contacting Easy Divorce. Total Easy Divorce fee was just €500.