Husband goes missing?

Magda initially contacted Easy Divorce in February 2010. There were no kids to the marriage, with both her and her husband Jean resident in Dublin.

Case appeared initially straightforward. Documents were sent to Jean by Registered post. Then no response received. A 14-day warning notice was sent – requesting him to lodge a defence or consent to the application. It was not accepted at the address. It soon became apparent that Jean had moved but Magda was unable to find out his new address.

We felt the best thing to do was to formally request guidance from the courts. Magda attended the County Registrar in June 2012. The County registrar told her to place advert into the Evening Herald – cost of €460 – for one day. She then had to wait 3 weeks and if no communication was received from Jean she was to see the County Registrar again.

No response was received from Jean. Magda attended court in late July 2010 to see the Registrar. He reviewed her case and then immediately passed her to the judge for full hearing. Her divorce was granted.

Easy Divorce fee for the entire process was only €500.