Chinese and Living in Dublin?

Na fist contacted Easy Divorce in August 2012. She was a Chinese national resident in Ireland. Her husband Graeme was resident in Malaysia. There were no children to the marriage.

One of Na’s concerns was attending court – her English while reasonable was not fantastic. We reassured her that her court appearance would be brief and that the questions asked of her would be very basic. To ensure that Na fully understood the procedure, we spent considerable time explaining all documentation to her.

As Graeme was residing outside the EU, Na first had to attend court to request permission to serve paperwork abroad. This is what’s known as an ex-parte application. This occurred in October 2012. Permission was received in Late October and Na served the paperwork on Graeme at the start of November.

Graeme fully cooperated and returned the signed consent almost immediately. Na was able to apply for her court date in late November and her judgement hearing was scheduled for early February 2013.

Divorce was granted without issue. Easy Divorce fee for entire procedure was only €575.