Garda living in cork with two kids?

Tom contacted us in December 2009. He was a Garda living in Cork with two kids. His wife Siobhain was also a Garda. Both children were living with Siobhain but Tom saw them regularly and paid an agreed maintenance amount.

This case was reasonably straightforward but in order to ensure there were no delays we told Tom that himself and Siobhain should deal with their pensions at the same time of the divorce. The courts normally require that pension orders be obtained at the same time as the divorce as it avoids future uncertainty.

Easy Divorce agreed to provide pension services to both Siobhain and Tom. They both required nil adjustment orders – which basically meant that neither would be entitled to the pension of the other. This was documented in the divorce application and Easy Divorce liaised directly with their pension provider.

As Tom was an applicant in Cork he was required to attend court twice – this is a requirement in all counties with the exception of Dublin and Kildare. He first attended court on his own in April – this was to see the County Registrar who ensured that all documentation was in order. He was given a final court appearance in May – which himself and Siobhain attended and where their divorce was granted.

The Total cost to Tom was €800 which included dealing with all Pension matters for himself and Siobhain.