Husband ignores all correspondence?

Laura contacted Easy Divorce in August 2013. Her partner Fabio was living in Italy and they had no children together.

While Fabio resided outside of Ireland, as Laura was applying to the courts in Dublin she did not need to apply for permission to serve the papers abroad. If she were applying in most other counties this would not be the case.

Easy Divorce lodged Laura’s application in late August 2013. Documentation was served on Fabio by registered post in late September 2013. As Fabio was outside Ireland, he was given 35 days to respond. No response was received by the start of November. At this point a Warning Notice was served on Fabio, which gave him a further 14 days to respond – either consent or lodge a defence (on the basis he did not want the divorce to proceed).  Again no response was received.

In December 2013, despite no communication from her Husband, Laura was able to apply for a court date. Her court hearing took place in February 2014. As there was no consent, the Registrar initially reviewed Laura’s case on the morning of her court appearance. This was to ensure that all paperwork was correctly filed and the all procedures had been followed. She then saw the judge and her divorce was granted.

Easy Divorce charged no additional cost for the extra paperwork. Our fee was €500.