I Live in America?

Gerry contacted us in July 2010. He was residing in New York and wished to divorce his wife Stephanie who was resident in Dublin with their 10-year-old child.

Our initial recommendation to Gerry was that Stephanie should be the Applicant in the proceedings. The reason being that as the respondent he would not necessarily have to attend court – and so save him a considerable cost. However, his preference was to be the Applicant to ensure that the process was progressed as fast as possible.

In our experience when one party is residing abroad and there is a dependent child, it is very important that proper provisions have been made for the child. In Gerry’s case he paid a significant monthly maintenance towards the upkeep of his child which Stephanie was happy with. This made the process very simple and was documented by Easydivorce in the application.

Easy Divorce e-mailed all necessary paperwork to Gerry in the USA. Once signed documentation was received from him we lodged his application. Due to the applicant being located in America, the entire process took slightly longer. Gerry received a court date for February. However, travel wise this was not convenient. He was able to speak to the courts directly and rearrange for March.

In mid-March 2011 Gerry was granted his divorce. Easy Divorce charged no additional cost for additional time or geographic location. Our fee was €500.