2 kids and still living together in the family home?

Maureen contact Easy Divorce in November 2009. Her primary concern was that herself and her husband Stephen continued to reside in the same house despite the fact that had ben separated for almost 8 years. They had two dependent children together aged 13 and 15. A separation agreement had not been signed.

As long as Maureen and Stephen were living separate lives and the judge was satisfied that they were, then their divorce would be granted. Easy Divorce drafted their divorce documentation on the basis that they continued to reside together for financial reasons and enable them to jointly care for their children.

The family home remained in joint ownership. Ideally Maureen and Stephen needed to decide the future of this in advance of their divorce. This is the preference of the courts. They agreed that they would sell the property on the date their youngest child reached 21 or finished college, whichever was the latest. Again this was included in the documentation by Easy Divorce.

Stephen and Maureen attended the Dublin Family Law Courts in March 2014. There divorce was granted without issue. The agreement regarding their family home was made an order of the court. Easy Divorce charged no additional cost for dealing with additional issues. Our fee was €500.