No Address for Husband?

Deirdre first contacted Easy Divorce in August 2011. The main issue with her application was that she was unable to locate her husband (Mark). In addition, they had a jointly held rental property for which there was no formal agreement in place.

Easy Divorce recommended that Deirdre contact Mediator Trace and Serve to assist with locating her husband. Within 24 hours they had provided Deirdre with Mark’s address in Canada, his place of work and telephone number. From this point Easy Divorce were able to assist.

As Mark was located outside the EU, Deirdre first had to apply to the courts in Dublin to obtain permission to serve the necessary paperwork on her husband abroad. This is what is known as an Ex-Parte Application. Following receipt of the necessary permission in late September, Deirdre served the papers on Mark by registered post in early October.

Following receipt of the divorce papers, Mark contacted Easy Divorce directly. While he was happy to consent to the divorce, it was subject to the jointly held property being sold. Deirdre was happy to agree to this condition. Easy Divorce documented this in a Terms of Settlement (at no additional cost) – which was signed by both Deirdre and Mark.

Easy Divorce was then able to apply for Deirdre’s court date. Mark was unable to attend given the distance but did sign an Affidavit stating that he had received all documentation and was happy to consent to the divorce. The court date was in early December 2013 – and the divorce was granted.

The cost to Deirdre of the above was approximately €800 – €500 fee for Easy Divorce with the additional €100 being for registered posting, cost of having Affidavits witnessed and fee for finding Mark. Despite the additional paperwork and complexity of the case Easy Divorce’s fee remain fixed. The entire process took just 4 months.